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Strategic IR

Solebury's strategic Investor Relations advisory practice offers tailored solutions to meet the Investor Relations needs of today. Our comprehensive services are customized around the development and execution of your Investor Relations program.

Our strategic IR services were created around the tenet that Solebury is an extension of the company itself. Each strategic Investor Relations relationship is designed to meet the specific requirements of the client.

Solebury often serves as a company’s fully outsourced Investor Relations department but can also work in tandem with the in-house IR function. Regardless of the arrangement, we consistently provide both the independent and unbiased advice, and the strategic messaging to elevate your Investor Relations program to a strategic function.

IPO Practice

Solebury’s IPO services position your company for success as a publicly traded equity. Leveraging our decades of experience in Equity Capital Markets, Buy and Sell Side Research, and Sales, we have a deep understanding of the IPO process and know how to position new equity stories. We provide a fully comprehensive offering that will ensure a smooth transition to life as a public company. We will assist you in determining the “style” of program that best meets your needs, establish post-IPO priorities, build the Investor Relations infrastructure, develop an “IR Plan,” and get ready for the launch.

Solebury provides you with our proven IPO playbook to get the heavy lifting done prior to the first day of trading and ensure that no detail is left unchecked. Our strong relationships with the major exchanges and service providers help to ensure that we choose the services that are most appropriate for your situation. While building out the infrastructure, we conduct comprehensive peer benchmarking and develop a sound communications policy. In addition, we develop a detailed IR Plan that serves as the road map not only for year one, but also for a successful long term Investor Relations program.

Strategic Projects

Perception Studies: Companies utilize the Solebury perception study to gain valuable insights based on our in-depth engagement with the investment community. We conduct a series of comprehensive interviews with key analysts and investors conducted by senior team members at Solebury. Following these discussions you are provided with real-time insights into the most important issues (real and perceived) impacting your company.

In addition to the traditional perception study offering, Solebury also offers intelligence gathering services around other major company events. By gathering buy and sell-side perceptions ahead of earnings calls, analysts days or other investor events, you can best prepare your company to succeed.

Investor Relations Audit: The Investor Relations Audit is a comprehensive review of your IR program. We approach each company’s audit uniquely; however, areas of review include the shareholder base, research coverage, trading performance, valuation, financial and operational disclosure, guidance practices, and more.

The Investor Relations Audit does not just identify areas for improvement in your IR program; it is a dynamic document that also explains how to improve those areas. Following the completion of the Audit, Solebury will work with you to develop a customized action plan for your company.

Analyst Days: Solebury has planned and organized analyst days across multiple industries. We help you determine the right time, location and venue for your company and we play a significant role in creating and crafting your presentation materials, along with all the details in between.

Our services do not end there – we believe that digesting the Street’s feedback and creating of actionable next steps are as important as the event itself. Our holistic approach to this critical event maximizes the return on both your time and investment.